2015. A Year of Change.

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At the start of a new year, many people spend time making resolutions for the coming year, yet this year, I am still trying to process everything that happened in 2015. It was a year of change, a lot of change, with minimal time to process it all which does not bode well with my personality. I was riding the wave of adventure and travel, then came crashing down under a dark cloud when all of a sudden I realised I was finally stopping in one place, one city, for the next year, maybe 18 months.

In 2015, I packed up my life of 4.5 years in Melbourne and said au revoir to some very close friends. In 2015, I lived in three countries, travelled through eight different countries, had more than 15 places I called ‘home’, I had four different jobs, reunited with friends I had not seen in 5 years, was a bridesmaid for the first time, met someone I genuinely cared about, then had to let them go, lived out of my backpack for 6.5 months and then finally, as of the past three days (yes technically in 2016), I have had my own bed that I have to make everyday. Most of the above, I did not expect to happen in 2015. And nearly all of the above was condensed into the past 5-months.

As much as I find all this change overwhelming and it has been hard to stay away from the dark cloud the past month, I have been trying to find something in everyday that makes life sparkle. I have come to appreciate even more than ever how incredible my family is. The fact they live 13 hours ahead in time and are a 24 hour flight away does not matter. They have been there for me everyday, especially when I have been living under that dark cloud. I have come to appreciate how amazing my close friends are. We live across three different countries but that does not matter when there is FaceTime and Skype.

I have come to accept that living in London is not what I thought it would be, it is twice the size of Melbourne, and oh so British. I am so lucky to have an amazing group of girlfriends who are in the same boat in London, who can cut through the crap and talk honestly about living off less ££’s, working in jobs that aren’t perfect and knowing that each pay check means working out what travel can be planned after the rent is paid! Luckily there is exceptionally cheap, but good, wine and cheese available in this city to aid these conversations.


I have also come to realise that the reasons I started this blog are very different to why I am going to continue it in 2016. I first wanted to write about nutrition, dispel myths and misconceptions, and promote work as a dietitian. However, there are plenty of others already doing that with much more enthusiasm than I. There were a few times in 2015 when I wanted to call it a day with this blog and close up shop. Now I prefer to write for me, about life, travel and food. As a record for myself and if others like to read it then that is great. I want to share beautiful things I find along the way and that might help others like it has helped me. I know that writing helps me put things into perspective so if anything, all these words, all the quotes or posts I share, is more for me each day, than it is for others.

So 2016? It is going to be a huge year, no doubt even bigger than 2015, but I am ready.

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