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Art & Food, Prague

October 6, 2016 0 comments

Well you guessed it, this post is about art and food in Prague. Not just art and food in general (that is still to come in another post with a very catchy title..) but of one fantastic restaurant worthy of it’s own post called Art&Food.


It is a restaurant, an art gallery and a music space. The three tie together like links in a chain.

It’s difficult to know where to begin, but I will talk you through from the start.PragueUnassuming from the outside, however you enter into a lovely space, complete with art covered walls and a gentleman playing the grand piano.

PraguePragueThe menu is short, simple but bursting with flavour.

Their wine list exists in the waiter’s head. With an emphasis on local Czech wines, there is no way you would decipher a wine list if there was one. The waiter chooses two whites and two reds that may suit your taste preferences.

With each taste of the wines on offer, the waiter offers a lovely background of the region in the Czech Republic where it comes from and likens it to something similar from New Zealand.

PragueThe food is delicious. The atmosphere is divine. The experience is priceless.

It is well known that food in Prague is good value for travellers from most countries, and even a spot like this was no exception.

Art&Food is rated number 7 out of 4,483 restaurants in Prague on TripAdvisor. It can be found in Mala Strana (Little Quarter).

Make sure you put it on the top of your list next time you visit Prague.

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