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The Good Wolf Manifesto is a blog that promotes good food, good nutrition and a holistic lifestyle. The information posted on the website is of a general nature, and is prepared by a Registered Dietitian (RD). However, it does not replace individualised and tailored advice from health care professionals. I recommend that you visit your general practitioner or seek the advice of a Registered Dietitian if you require specific dietary advice for a medical condition, food intolerance or weight loss goal.


I appreciate and value your comments and I do hope you let me know any questions, feedback, comments and opinions that you may have. But I do ask that you keep it respectful and appropriate – so if you wouldn’t say it around the dinner table, refrain from posting it on here. Readers must also appreciate that nutrition, as with any other field of healthcare, is a fast changing science that constantly has new research breaking through. Despite regular updates, there may be archived posts on the site that may not contain the latest research or guidelines.

My right to my content

All content on this site is original and copyright of Nicola Hursthouse and The Good Wolf Manifesto. All rights reserved. Any content sourced externally is referenced appropriately to link you back to the original article or source to broaden your reading experience.

I appreciate any desire to share my posts and recipes if you are sure to link back to If you would like to discuss reproduction or use of any posts for a source of reference please feel free to contact me via my email address above.

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