Country Rambles: The Seven Sisters Cliffs

August 3, 2016 0 comments
Seven Sisters

Do not get me wrong, London is a great city. However, after a week of commuting, exercising in polluted air and people, an escape to the countryside is needed.

The Seven Sisters Cliffs is East Sussex are a series of chalk cliffs. They make up part of the South Downs in between Seaford and Eastbourne.

Many recommendations on where to walk came in prior to venturing out of London. When a group of 6 females start chatting away after coffee and croissants on an early morning train it is no surprise the rest of the train could hear. A lovely Seaford local popped his head over the seat to give us his advice for the most scenic route.

From Seaford station we walked to the waterfront, up and over the first few cliffs and down into the estuary of Cuckmere Haven. To pass the estuary you have to walk inland up to the road where Cuckmere Inn sits. Heading back down the eastern side of the estuary towards the beach is where the trail continues along the cliff top.

We continued walking until we reached Birling Gap after about 3 hours. It is host to some delicious ice-cream, a visitors centre and a little cafe. Eastbourne is a further 4.5 miles from Birling Gap. We opted for the bus from Birling Gap to Eastbourne for £2.50 that runs every hour on a Saturday.

Eastbourne is a beautiful spot with some grand houses. We stopped off for a late lunch at the Crouch and Armour Pub which served up fresh cod and chips paired with a cold beer.

For a day trip from London, walking a 3hr or so portion from Seaford to Birling Gap allows you to stop for lunch and get back to London before 6pm.

Leaving London on the 8:17am train from Victoria gets you to Seaford by 9:47am. Then heading along the cliff-top towards Birling Gap can easily get you there before 1pm. We stopped many times for photo opportunities and still got to Birling Gap before 1pm. If you are eager to walk further, take some more water and snacks and power on through past Birling Gap and onwards to Eastbourne.

Walking from Seaford rather than busing to Excert gives you a greater view of the cliffs and coastline. You can walk the whole trail from Seaford to Eastborne and it would possibly take about 6-7 hours.

Seven Sisters

For more information on Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, visit The National Trust.

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