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Dining at Timberline Lodge

June 15, 2015 0 comments

After living in both Auckland and Melbourne, I have definitely sampled my fair share of delicious restaurants with interesting and flavoursome menus. Although it is a very large call, I have to say I have now had one of the most flavoursome meals of my life.

Mt Hood

After a large drive east from the West Coast of Oregon, through Portland, we arrived at Mt Hood. Mt Hood is the most prominent and highest peak in the state of Oregon, with the summit at 11,249ft.


Located on the Southern Side of Mt Hood at 6,000ft sits Timberline Lodge, a historic landmark, that also looks like it is in the completely wrong country! Timberline Lodge was built in the late 1930’s in the era of President Roosevelt and was used in the filming of The Shining. Inside, the entire place is solid wood, stone and iron. It screams medieval and gloomy, however the backdrop of Mt Hood out one side, and Mt Jefferson in the distance out the other, is a stark contrast.


Mt Hood from Timberline Lodge

My American Brother Sandor had already shown me the scenery of the Oregon Coast over the weekend, yet the Timberline Lodge was a meal to splash out on after cooking over the campfire. It was nice to know Sandor had also bought Mum and Dad here for a delicious meal to share the same stunning view.

Ordering just a main and a glass of wine turned into a grand affair when our waitress began bringing out many complimentary extras. To begin there was a dish of fig jam with a slice of plum, half a walnut and rosemary. Next, the freshest baked bread with a side of softened butter, Pinot Noir infused sea salt and rosemary to top it off. Then in between these dishes and the main course, a palate cleanser of berry sorbet.

The main I chose was La Quercia Proscuitto wrapped Columbia River Salmon served with rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes, creamed leeks, shiitake mushrooms and broccolini. An absolute taste sensation! All matched perfectly with a glass of Timberline Lodge Chardonnay.

Salmon at Timberline Lodge

The presentation, the view and the use of local produce sets Timberline Lodge Cascade Dining Room apart from many other “must-visit” spots in Oregon.

I will let the view speak for itself!

Mt Jefferson

Sunset at Mt Hood

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