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Dining in Denver

March 31, 2016 0 comments

A booming city with a growing food culture has many a delicious spot to eat and drink around the city. Here are just a few to get you started;



What I grew to love in the USA was the simplicity of breakfast, where you can get a coffee, a banana and a fresh bagel for $5. Simple yet delicious. It also helps keep the travel budget down if you aren’t staying in a hostel that provides free breakfast. My most frequented spot in Denver was St Marks Coffee Brewers and Café. For a more substantial breakfast, with eggs any way you can think of, head to Olive and Finch. The large menu provides options for a light breakfast of a coffee and cake, to breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs on ciabatta with numerous sides, or French toast. Their fresh juices can contain as many or as little fruits and vegetables as you like, depending how much of a clean, green foodie you are.

Midday into the evening

Pinche is so risqué that the name of the restaurant can’t be displayed out the front, otherwise known as Tacos, Tequila, Whisky. However, when they open at 11am and there are already people waiting for the doors to open, you have to know you are in on a good thing.


Uncle is similar to the well-known ramen bar Momofuku in New York, even down to the décor inside. It has a selection of starters, ramen and salads to please many a person. It is not a place you can book, so get there earlier rather than later to avoid standing in a queue for a table outside.

Root Down is in the same area as Uncle, the highlands in the west of the city with city views and booming real estate. Root Down is best described as modern pub food. Dishes range from prime rib, salmon, a tofu main or sliders. There are plenty of share plates to get a taste of everything. Don’t get confused with the menu though, it says “Entrée” but they actually mean “Mains”, yet they genuinely call them entrees even though the word means “before”.

Euclid Bar is downtown near the stadium, stop by here for a drink from their extensive beer list, as well as a range of delicious wines prior to a Rockies Game. Plenty of pre-game snacks from cheese boards to Poutine to please many a baseball fan, and also so you can avoid the less than desirable food on offer at the stadium.

Vine Street is another spot with an extensive beer list. So much so you wouldn’t think they offered anything else. There is a beer or cider there to suit a huge range of preferences. Summer sangria was a delicious addition to their menu for a hot and humid evening. To satisfy any burger craving you may have, or to experience a truly delicious burger in the USA, pick from the Vine Street menu and know that they are served with corn chips on the side. Corn chips with a burger, one thing I am still trying to work out why?

Sweet Treats

To begin with the healthier alternative for a sweet treat my pick is Parsley. They provide a huge range of freshly made smoothies and fresh juices with a large range of organic ingredients.

I first heard about Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, the week after I had been through Portland. Little did I know that there was also one in Denver. I wanted to try a proper American doughnut to see what all the fuss was about. At home doughnuts are pretty average, dry and boring. They have never been a big thing at home, but in America, what a different story. So the one place to go was Voodoo to get a selection of plain, cake or yeast doughnuts. Many different glazes, toppings or fillings. I drew the line before opting for the fruit loop or captain crunch doughnuts, better to leave that sort of combination for the locals.


Wholefoods. Well does this need any explanation? I had the best tour of a Denver Wholefoods, by a local, to ensure I sampled as much as possible before deciding what to buy. There were two sweet treats that stood out. First, the selection of Icelandic Yoghurt is amazing, more so, the flavours of yoghurt from the company Siggi’s. From coconut, raspberry or pomegranate to pumpkin and spice. They come in single serve containers to take for a picnic. Then there is a new found love. A chocolate that tastes just like Ferrero Rocher but in a single serve bar.


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