Eating off the land

September 28, 2015 0 comments

One of the things I enjoy most about travel is food. Or is that the thing I enjoy most about life too? Probably. I also believe that anyone who does not embrace food when they move around the world is missing the key component of experiencing other cultures.

So over the past few weeks across France and England, I have been eating food of the respective countries. This has meant skate, mussels, gizzards, croissants and fresh baguettes. As well as cornish pasties, chutney and cheese galore.


Seafood in Normandie

The best part of all of this was purchasing the food fresh at local markets, or even better digging the vegetables straight out of the ground at my new favourite spot, Garson’s Farm (more on this in another post soon!).



Returning from France with a bag of apples and pears off the tree, as well as a container of blackberries from the local market meant only one thing. Blackberry and apple pie of course!

Apple and Blackberry Pie

More recently I was provided with over 1kg of Damsons from a family friend’s tree north of London. I had never tried a Damson before, yet with so many I really needed to learn a little more about them to make the most of them. Next thing you know, we have two jars of Spiced Damson Cheese ready to go when needed.


In a recent bout of typical English rain, the resident tomato plants outside the front door took quite the beating. This resulted in many green tomatoes collected and a subsequent hunt for the best green tomato recipes. However, my desire to keep the chutney and cheese combination going resulted in the most delicious mixed tomato chutney being whipped up, with an extremely simple recipe courtesy of the talented Nigel Slater.

The best part of all this fresh food is being reminded how much better it all tastes straight out of the ground, or off the tree, compared to getting it in plastic at the supermarket. The dream? To continue this way of eating and cooking for as long as possible!

Mussels in France

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