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Food Carts of Portland

July 26, 2015 0 comments
Food Carts of Portland

In Portland, Oregon, Food Carts are everywhere. Otherwise known to those in Australia and New Zealand as Food Trucks. The difference with the Portland Food Carts is that they are permanent and often found in “pods”, meaning a cluster of carts, around the city. Portland is very much a foodie city, with a similar vibe to Melbourne. Lanes lined with hole in the wall cafes and coffee shops.

Mexican Food TruckAfter living in Melbourne for over four years, I definitely know a good food truck, often frequenting them at summer events or festivals. Yet I don’t believe the novelty of the Portland Food Carts, would wear off. Permanent, delicious, “cheap as chips” food for lunch and dinner available everyday. There was a huge variety of food from countries around the world. Greek, Thai, Brazilian, Mexican, Mac’n’Cheese – that we can confidently say is the American option. Food Carts of Portland

The deals on food are fantastic. For $8.00 you can find yourself a traditional Brazilian dish of rice, meats and vegetables. For $6.00 you can grab a large Burrito or a plate of Pad Thai for about $7.00. There were no meals over $10.00 across the pod where I dined.

Food Carts of Portland

One very well known food truck, or trucks should I say, in Portland is Nong’s Khao Man Gai. Have a look at Nong Poonsukwattana speak at TED here about life from Bangkok to the food carts of Portland. Food Carts of Portland

*Prices in US Dollars

Images // The Good Wolf Manifesto

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