Happy Anniversary World

March 14, 2016 0 comments

Five years ago today I moved overseas from NZ. First, to that neighbouring desert across the Tasman, then on to the home of the Monarchy. Five years. I am not sure what happened when I only ever planned to be away for 18 months.

close city

What spurred the start of this 5 year adventure? Well honestly my insanity for thinking one Masters degree was not quite enough, so off I went to complete another Masters degree in Melbourne. Then after that was finished, to add to the madness, I decided it would be a great idea to cycle 200km and raise $2,500 in the name of cancer research. That kept me around in Melbourne a little longer, and then long enough to get into a new job, then change jobs. I found a Melbourne family to share this life with, I got to travel to Thailand, Laos, Bali and Fiji. I explored parts of Australia I never thought I would. However, then the hamster on the wheel started to begin. Working in a job, to have money to live a pretty lush foodie life in Melbourne, to then wonder where all my travel funds had gone, to then realise I was slowly losing my cultural identity.

Maybe it was that I was tired of being a hamster on a wheel in the hospital, or maybe it was the stark realisation I was picking up an Australian accent (to which my beloved family told me one summer to go to NZ language classes!). Either way, after the four and a half years, 200km cycled, many hours working like a hamster on a wheel and four other countries travelled, it was then time to move on.

Heading onwards to the land of the Monarchy, I never really knew how long I would stick around. Considering I never really wanted to live and work in London, there are days I wonder why I joined the festering rat race that is the London commuter life. It has been 8 months already. Having Europe on my doorstep is really the number one thing keeping me this way for now.


The longer I am away, the more I crave life in New Zealand. I am not saying the grass is greener, but there has to come a time in life when you know what lifestyle you prefer and decide how you want to live. Nothing can beat home, especially with the beach on your doorstep.


So world, it has been a great 5 years and a grand adventure so far. Considering I have not yet given enough of my hard-earned pounds to budget airlines and TFL, I look forward to many more adventures, before I start my journey back to the land of the long white cloud.

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