Keeping Healthy whilst Travelling at Sea

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I like to travel. When I travel, I also like to eat. Actually, who am I kidding? I like to eat all the time. I believe learning about the food in different countries, whether it be from the locals, or just from traveller recommendations, allows one to learn so much more about the culture that has shaped the nation. For example, in Portugal, everyone raves about Port from Porto, however after cooking with some locals, I learnt that the people of Portugal don’t actually drink Port, they export approximately 97% of it. How about Laos, no-one really knows much about their food and culture, but when you learn that Laos spicy is far beyond any spicy one would ever have had, it is a country to remember.

The only downside of all this exploring and eating is that at some point, I have to find the balance. Now often that is easy, whether it be swimming, climbing mountains, surfing or yoga, I am pretty well versed in keeping active on land. I am going sailing in Croatia in July and with many water activities surely there will be no issue there. But I was thinking, how easy is it stay healthy on a cruise ship? I know someone who has been on a cruise to nearly every continent around the world and loved every one of them, but in my mind, I somehow think I will just be stuck in my small 2 metre squared box day-in and day-out. So, I did a little digging to actually see whether I would get cabin fever at sea.

I know P&O cruises. I first heard about them when I was young and my grandparents went on a P&O cruise. They bought me back something with a dolphin on it. As a dolphin loving child, I was in heaven. So I guess because I have that association, they would be my first choice. Turns out there is no rest for the wicked on a P&O cruise as they have their own fitness centre. I guess sunrise/sunset yoga on the top deck is no different to on a roof-top overlooking an ocean is it? I could also potentially keep up my half-marathon training as well as they have an open air running track. Sea air, surely just like a beach-front run no?YogaDeck

Fun fact, I used to be a Zumba instructor. Second fun fact, you can also do Zumba classes on Princess Cruises. Zumba has become a worldwide exercise phenomenon, literally worldwide, considering now you can do classes at sea whilst crossing the Pacific, Atlantic or Indian Ocean, as well as on land.


When I heard of the cruise company Royal Caribbean, I thought awesome, they will just cruise the Caribbean whilst I soak up the rays and drink mojitos. Turns out yes they do cruise the Caribbean, but they also cruise plenty of other spots around the world. Though I would say their “wellness” offerings go hand in hand with some sunshine and mojitos for the pinnacle of relaxation. From a Spa menu bigger than that of a Thai Resort, to a library room (with a bonus selection of cards and board games) and the choice to dabble in a little scrapbooking. With all the massages, wraps and scrubs, books to read and activities no one could complain about not having a relaxing cruise.

In a way, because the cruise chip becomes the “travelling city” there really is more on offer in one place than some cities. Though not for everyone, I am adding it to my bucket list to at least experience once in my life. Who knows, I might return a pro ice-skater or a sassy salsa dancer? That surely has to be worth the trip.

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