TED Tuesday: Elora Hardy

August 23, 2016 0 comments

If you are a tad behind, TED Tuesday is literally that. TED talks on a Tuesday. Simple yet oh so amazing.

This week, Elora Hardy.

Growing up in Bali with two artist parents, Elora Hardy’s creativity led her to design prints for one of New York’s biggest fashion houses. Then, in a dramatic shift, she moved back home and founded Ibuku, a team that builds bespoke homes made and furnished almost entirely of bamboo.

The strength of this abundant local grass allows for towering, curvilinear structures with a notable sense of luminosity and comfort. Ibuku builds on a design process and an engineering system that were first established at the nearby Green School. Five years ago, Elora and her team chose one humble material, and with it they are building a whole new world.

Video and text: TED

Image: TED

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